Rossmax Home Nebulizer

Rossmax Home Nebulizer

Rossmax Compact Piston Nebulizer offers quick, safe and convenient treatment for all ages.

Rossmax Home Nebulizer

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Rossmax Nebulizer provides a quick, safe, and convenient delivery of medication treatment through nebulization for all ages.  Users can enjoy the most efficient treatment (MMAD ≤ 2.5) in a quiet and relaxing ambiance as there is a built in low-noise silencer with a vibration-absorber design. The particle size created by the Rossmax VAT bottle is around 2.262 μm (MMAD) tested by Cascade Impactor. Compared to most bottles in the market, this proprietary bottle ensures more efficient and effective performance.

The proprietary adjustable valve is able to deliver medications of different viscosity level according to every user’s conditions and needs at ease. The Rossmax VAT technology allows users to adjust different levels of nebulization rate ranging from 0.10 – 0.30 ml/min at consistent particle size. The nebulization rates can be adjusted by the user in a very easy way without exchanging parts. There is High nebulization rate/full open for high viscosity medications and high breathing capacity user, while low flow rate with close valve will be more appropriate for kids / infants with lower breathing capacity. Thanks to the reduction of wasted medication, VAT is also recommended for respiratory disorders such as COPD and Asthma as well as intensive use in general.

This nebulizer operates on standard AC power and features an adjustable valve that is able to deliver medications without exchanging parts. There is consistent fine particle size for efficient respiratory treatment, and the Fine Particle Dose (FPD) is 80-85%.

There is a built-in nebulizer kit holder and comes with a 12V adaptor. The Rossmax Nebulizer comes with a nebulizer kit, a nozzle, an angled mouthpiece, air filters, both child and adult masks, an air tube, and an instruction manual.

Size: 14 x 10 x 7 cm.