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Emergency Oral Contraception

Emergency oral contraception or "the morning after pill" is available without prescription from Clonminch Pharmacy, after a private consultation with the pharmacist.

Emergency oral contraception is now available free of charge for patients with a medical card from Clonminch Pharmacy without prescription.

Emergency oral contraception is thought to work by: 
 stopping your ovaries from releasing an egg.
 preventing sperm from fertilising any egg you may have already released

It should be taken as soon as possible after intercourse. The sooner you take it the more effective it is.

There is an emergency contraceptive pill now available which may be used up to 5 days after intercourse. 

The emergency contraceptive pill is used to prevent a pregnancy from starting. If you are already pregnant, it will not interrupt an existing pregnancy.

Emergency contraception must only be used occasionally and should not replace a regular contraceptive method 

For advice on long-term contraception and the options available, call in and talk to your pharmacists, Diarmuid or Amy, in Clonminch Pharmacy or discuss it with your doctor.

Further information: 

Midlands Crisis Pregnancy Freephone: 1800 200 857

HSE Sexual Health Information and Support Infoline: 1850 24 1850

Free-of-charge crisis pregnancy counselling services funded by the State. For information on these services women can free-text ‘options’ to 50444 or log onto Positive Options 


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